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Re: Fedora merchandise ideas

Well, put in a little bit of extra work to come up with another design, for say, the "Truth Happens" shirt, add Fedora's slogan, etc, and we could have its own product. Part of these ideas are for if we want some quick results vs. a more long term product in the end. I think keeping the same design but changing color schemes and slogans and whatnot would help relate Fedora to RedHat but still give it its own distinctness.

As a personal user, I just would like to see more availability of Fedora Products as opposed to just one hat, a sticker design, a pen, and a white shirt with the logo.

On 10/1/07, H. Guémar <karlthered2 gmail com> wrote:

merchandises are a great way to promote communities and products.
But we should be careful not to confuse people, some still does not distinguish FedoraProject from RedHat.
For instance, merely rebranding the "Truth Happens" T-shirt wouldn't help developing a FedoraProject identity,
we should develop our own colorscheme and catch lines.


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