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Re: Fedora: Freedom is a Feature.

On Fri, 5 Oct 2007, Paul Stauffer wrote:

A little bit of a tangent:  If the Project adopts an official slogan like
this that we intend to use on an ongoing basis as a distinguishing
identifier, it might be a good idea to clearly indicate it as a trademark.
I don't know what all the requirements are for doing that... like, would we
need to stick a little "TM" next to it all the time, or just indicate in the
small print somewhere something like, "'Fedora', 'Fedora Project', the funny
little speech balloon logo, and 'Freedom is a Feature' are trademarks of the
Fedora Project".  Aside from the possible legal reasons for doing this,
clearly distinguishing it as a trademark would emphasize that it is the
slogan of the Project itself, and not just a catch-phrase for whatever the
release of the moment is.

*blink blink*

"Freedom is a Feature" is a trademark of The Fedora Project and Red Hat, Inc. Use of the words "Freedom is a Feature" without express written consent is strictly prohibited by U.S. and International Law.

Um, I don't think that would look great on Slashdot.

I'd much rather mount a big campaign after the fact that says "$BIGSCARYENTITY stole that line from Fedora."


Greg DeKoenigsberg
Community Development Manager
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"To whomsoever much hath been given...
...from him much shall be asked"

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