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Re: Fedora: Freedom is a Feature.

Am Freitag, 5. Oktober 2007 22:20:02 schrieb John Babich:
> On 10/5/07, Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com> wrote:
> "Freedom is a feature, not a bug".


> The point is that "Freedom is a feature" is a good slogan in that it
> translates well and provides fertile ground for further elaboration.

From my German point - my feelings are divided about this slogan,  easy to 
consume yes - because you will not think about it - it sounds like all of the 
slogans "freedom inside", "Fedora, the better way of live", "Freedom is a 
feature"... boring. 
For me,  "what Fedora is" is not enough transported - as a alternative on a 
poster or a shirt yes this would be a nice idea. But for me the "infinity 
voice freedom" slogan is the better one.
Cheers Joerg

Jörg Simon
jsimon fedoraproject org
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