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Re: Fedora: Freedom is a Feature

Alejo Cerrat0 escribió:

i've been following the discussion, and I'd like to add variations of the slogan to be considered:

Fedora: Freedom Capable

Freedom: Not just another feature

Fedora: Freedom Integrated

Fedora: Freedom of Choice (this one's a repeat)

I don't think the word 'feature' is only associated with computer jargon, but it is indeed its stronger association. It's been also incorporated to, at least in Argentina, where I come from, to everyday Spanish because of a lack of an accurate 1 word translation.
I thought of a few additions myself to the slogan, but mainly thought in Spanish, so the *literal* translation I've made may sound a bit odd, but I hope to make things relatively clear...

"Fedora: Incluye Libertad"

Would (roughly) translate into:

"Fedora: Liberty included"

Now, I *chose* __Liberty__ instead of "freedom" given the ambiguous meaning of "free" in colloquial English. Alas even though "freedom" as such is reasonably enough "universally understood" as a synonym of liberty (or so is my [limited] understanding of the English language), I do believe that the Freedom in Fedora and Free and Open Source software is actually "liberty" (non-ambiguous with gratis or free of [monetary] cost). In Spanish there is no way to confuse "libre" with "free" (of cost) unless directly stated (libre de costo)... I'm aware that it may sound odd, but in the end I believe it does reflect what Fedora stands for, unambiguously.

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