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Re: Fedora: Freedom is a Feature

2007/10/7, M Daniel R Magarzo <b2 mdr magarzo gmail com>:
El dom, 07-10-2007 a las 00:24 -0400, Gian Paolo Mureddu escribió:

> Would (roughly) translate into:
> "Fedora: Liberty included"
> Now, I *chose* __Liberty__ instead of "freedom" given the ambiguous
> meaning of "free" in colloquial English.

"Free" is ambiguous indeed, but "freedom" is not.

>  Alas even though "freedom" as
> such is reasonably enough "universally understood" as a synonym of
> liberty (or so is my [limited] understanding of the English language),

It's easy to solve:

(está clarito, ¿no?)

Liberty and freedom are synonymous, but they are used in completely different contexts.
Liberty is mainly used in social contexts, "may I take the liberty to..", in political contexts, "liberty as a universal aspiration of man", "the attack of the US government on civil liberties is, alas, not met with much resistance", etc.

Freedom is a much more existential and down-to-earth word, much preferred to liberty when it comes to slogans such as discussed here. A prisoner wants freedom, not liberty. Freedom is the abstract yet very concrete 'version' of liberty.
I think it is a much abused word, especially in some regions of the world. "God" is much more abused, though, so we can safely use the former.

My idea of a slogan:

"Fedora - not all things free suck"


"Booting freedom... [[[ OK ]]]"



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