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Re: Spins vs official content

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Mike McGrath wrote:
We're working to get the pages together for F8. Where should we put links to what things. We've got 2 click to live cd or torrent for the official content. And thats from fedoraproject.org. This is MUCH simpler then previous releases and can be done due to changes in mirrormanager.

Wooo!!! Awesome!!!

 The question I have is where to put official spins.  I'd
like to put a link on the get fedora page that links to spins.fedoraproject.org to get the torrents from there.

  1) Keeping the get fedora page simple and clean

I think folks are going to be confused as to the difference between spins and actual "real" Fedora, right? Is the Fedora Desktop spin the "real" Fedora? Or is everything just a spin now? Would it be more confusing to have a "real" Fedora and then some spins, or no "real" Fedora everything is a spin?

We talked about this some last night on IRC, thought I'd bring some of this discussion back here. So there's 3 types of Fedora.

   1) Official Fedora
   2) Fedora Respins (with the Fedora name)
   3) 3rd party Respins (without the Fedora name)

Number 1) Will be on torrent.fedoraproject.org and the mirrors. We'll be linking to the DVD on torrent and the Live CD on the mirrors. It is my understanding this is the "Desktop Spin"

Number 2) Will be on spins.fedoraproject.org. We'll have KDE, Developer, Electronic Lab initially. Possibly games if it gets approved in time but certainly this is a variable number and will continue to grow.

Number 3) We can't link to, host, or even talk about because it might kill our kittens.

To keep the get Fedora page simple, these are the number of non navigation links I count.

1) Public mirror list
2) An upgrades document list
3) i386 torrent DVD
4) x86_64 torrent DVD
5) ppc torrent DVD
6) i386 Live CD
7) x86_64 Live CD
8) spins.fedoraproject.org
9) torrent.fedoraproject.org

As well as the links currently listed under "Slow Internet? No Internet?"

Thoughts, comments?


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