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Re: Spins vs official content

Mike McGrath wrote:

We talked about this some last night on IRC, thought I'd bring some of this discussion back here. So there's 3 types of Fedora.

   1) Official Fedora
   2) Fedora Respins (with the Fedora name)
   3) 3rd party Respins (without the Fedora name)

Atleast in the docs project, we stopped using the word official and instead use formal for various reasons but even that can be avoided here.

1) Fedora respins
2) Fedora community (or custom) respins
3) Third party respins

Number 2) Will be on spins.fedoraproject.org. We'll have KDE, Developer, Electronic Lab initially. Possibly games if it gets approved in time but certainly this is a variable number and will continue to grow.

I thought KDE was going to be retained as 1) until the spins infrastructure is proven out.

Number 3) We can't link to, host, or even talk about because it might kill our kittens.

This we need to decide by a case by case basis. Some respins certainly can be linked to and even actively promoted.


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