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Re: FUDCon logo

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Hey folks,

What do you think about designing an official FUDcon logo to be used at FUDcons all over the world?

Some ideas of similarly-used logos:

- BarCamp:
  - http://barcamp.org/LogoGallery  <= so many!!!!

- Red Hat Summit: (each of these is more complex i think but you see the common logo across them as well)
  - New Orleans 2005 http://www.redhat.com/g/landing/Sum05BricksTop.jpg
- Nashville 2006 http://www.redhat.com/f/summitfiles/presentation/images/interface_01.jpg - San Diego 2007 http://www.redhat.com/g/summit/2007/summit07_highlights_bg.png

Any ideas? Anyone have other examples of event logos they've seen used this way we could look at?


I like 2, but honestly 3 or 4 are going to be cheaper/easier to get screen printed on shirts or other media.

Robert 'Bob' Jensen
Fedora Unity Project

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