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Re: A Public Awareness Campaign for Fedora!!!

On Mon, 15 Oct 2007 13:39:34 -0400
"Markus McLaughlin" <hudsonman35 gmail com> wrote:

> Recently I posted on my blog, a challenge.  How can Fedora be BETTER
> than MAC OS X?  I know that the MAC is the best OS out there.
> Microsoft is ripping off OS X with
> Vista which is not doing well in sales.  Thanks to the bad coding,
> overdemanding system requirements, and a movement called LINUX!  So
> how can we Fedora Fans/Users/Developers LURE the frustrated Vista
> Users and people who don't use a computer to try out Fedora.  A
> Campaign needs to be set up where people reach out to Media Outlets
> via online and postal mail telling people, there is an ALTERNATIVE to
> both Vista AND Mac!  That is FEDORA!  This is the idea, what should be
> done about it?

Define "better".

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