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Distrowatch on Fedora Artwork


I have been consistently seeing comments putting Fedora artwork as the level to which other distributions should aspire to reach. Desktop SIG has already started discussions on what to do for Fedora 9 which includes a smoother startup which should up the bar even higher.


"Until relatively recently, desktop aesthetics was not something Linux distribution projects lost much sleep over. New functionality, hardware support and package updates all took precedence over the work of graphic designers who always played second fiddles to the programmers. Not any more. As Linux distributions mature, there is much more emphasis on creating a desktop which is not only functional, but which also pleases the eye of the user. The Fedora project has been on the forefront of these initiatives, which resulted in some of the most eye-catching desktop art and themes available in any distribution. How do they do it? Learn more in this interview with Fedora art team lead Máirín Duffy"


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