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Re: Feature previews

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
Hey again,

Needed a new subject :p

Anybody got any suggestions about the best way to get previews of
codec buddy and iced tea put together? I think these two are really
cool features and definitely need to be made more public, but I'm not
sure who the developers are/where to contact them etc...

For Codec Buddy, it is Bastien Nocera, bnocera AT redhat.com who did the packaging and integration. Gstream developer and Fluendo guy, Thomas Vander Stichele, thomas AT fluendo.com who developed the wrapper.

The questions surrounding this are:

How did the work start?

Is Fluendo contributing back anything back to Fedora or gstreamer?

Pointing to other sources besides Fluendo including a third party repository for those in regions that don't enforce software patents?

Why just totem? What about other gstreamer applications?

Packaged application instead of a tarball

What are the future plans?

Perhaps it might be an idea to just put together a screencast of eac, in use; codec buddy this is simple to imagine, but iced tea? Maybe a
demo of a java web application being used or something?

For Iced Tea, I believe the lead Red Hat developer who did the original work was Thomas Fitzsimmons fitzsim AT redhat.com. Just a good explanation of the feature along with a screecast/ some screenshots should work well.

Questions surrounding this are:

How much work was involved?

Integration between GCJ applet and Iced tea in Fedora 8

Porting Iced Tea to other architectures

Collaboration with Sun?

What is the future of a liberated Java?

What other Java related work is going in Fedora?


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