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Re: Fedora Life Cycle

Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira wrote:
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So.... if you need Stability... use Red Hat or CENTOS. (HELLO SERPRO..

If you are interested to test software and innovation(six on six months)
for when it will be stable for Red Hat and CentOS.. use fedora!!!!!

Great Marketing issue!!!

You are saying that in your lectures ?? It's a negative marketing!

If i say that bull..... here, all Brazilian fedora users will be use
UBUNTU! So.. we won't have users to test these INNOVATIONS!

Rodrigo Padula
Frustrated Brazilian Fedora Ambassador

All I can say is WOW.

None of this is new, in fact some of it is very old. The life cycle of Fedora has not gotten any shorter in fact it is longer now than it was in the past. I hate to sound rude, but I want to ask "What Brazilian cave have you been living in?" There is now a one month overlap between every two releases this is more than we had before.

Remember this is open source software. If YOU want a longer support/patch/backport cycle YOU are more than welcome to offer such a thing. As a matter of fact if YOU would like to YOU could even turn it in to a multi-million dollar business.

There are many things to be frustrated about as an ambassador, you are not unique in being frustrated. However if you had any part in SERPRO choosing Fedora you should not be frustrated you should be embarrassed.

Robert 'Bob' Jensen
Fedora Unity Project

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