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Re: Fedora Life Cycle

Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira wrote:
By example i will use the biggest Brazilian Fedora Case.

SERPRO (Brazilian Government IT Department) has more than 8.000 desktop
stations and several servers using Fedora inside spread in 26 Brazilian

Do you have any idea of what i'm  talking about ????

How can they update it every six month?? It's a craziness !!

But with a life cycle of 13 months, why not update yearly?

It involves planning and a lot of work! it's not that simple!!!!!

Maybe you read about the proposal to change the development process and replace test 1,2,3 with alpha, beta, release candidate. Maybe planning the update may start in advance, around RC?

IMHO the release and life cycle  must be increased!

RELEASE -> 1 per year
LIFE CYCLE -> 2 years

It'd reduce the Artwork, Free Media, Marketing, Translation,
Documentation and Packing issues.

This is desktop use, seriously, for desktop would you want to use less than the latest version of your applications? Would you use *now* Firefox 1.5, OpenOffice.org 2.2.1, GIMP 2.2 or Inkscape 0.44?

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