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Re: Fedora Life Cycle

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Rahul Sundaram escreveu:
> Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira wrote:
>> Do you have any idea of what i'm  talking about ????
>> How can they update it every six month?? It's a craziness !!
>> It involves planning and a lot of work! it's not that simple!!!!!
> They don't have to upgrade just because we have a new release. They can
> upgrade every 13 months or so instead. Just something I thought I would
> highlight better.
And They can not enjoy the innovations?

Let's go!
- - Fedora is released
- - 1 or 2 months packing and releasing new and necessaries packages
versions ( now we have 11 months).
- - 1 or 2 months planning, studying the impacts, creating the migration
plan and applying it(now we have 9 months)
- - ohhhh in 9 months we have to do this again
- - so, we will use CENTOS or DEBIAN.

That is the problem! Year by year migrating all fedora systems to the
new version!

> Rahul

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