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Re: Fedora Feature Overview

Linked is a pdf file of an 8 page layout from the "Trojan Times". Layout done by myself with tweaks and occasional fixes by newspaper advisor before sending off to be printed.


Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Michael Beckwith wrote:
Is this the page that we want the scribus/whatever.layout.editor/etc pdf to feature? I'm still waiting on a few more details about the desired pdf before I start doing anything with it. Page sizes would be nice too.

Yes this is the page but wait for it while we gather more content. Then we can put in a note here that it is ready to be converted to PDF and you can work your magic.

If you have any sample layouts or anything, let us know.


http://ridleytx.structed.net (for now)
http://www.michaelbox.net (eventually)

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