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Re: increasing the reach of fedora-marketing

Rik van Riel wrote:

While we have Leigh's attention, maybe we can start with the excellent
interview of Dimitris Glezos on Transifex?  It would be a good example
of great content which deserves to be promoted heavily.

Sure. We have a lot of content Red Hat Marketing can use to promote the work being done here. The Fedora 8 series of interviews are a good start.


The first 6 interviews are about Fedora 8 features and I have given a list of other features and contributors for us to highlight.

I have started writing a summary


We should have started earlier on this but better late than never. One thing to note is that none of us here are experts in marketing. What I would really want is folks from Red Hat Marketing to guide us and participate in our efforts so that we have more professional eyes looking into this.

The documentation and marketing is two projects where Red Hat people working on that area could co-ordinate with the Fedora contributors more.


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