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Vixta: Nice concept, incomplete execution

"Vixta is a new Linux distribution, first released only last month, based on the not-yet-released Fedora 8. Its main objective is to emulate the visual aspects of Microsoft Vista."


Couple of things:

"On the desktop is a Vixta installer, which is the Fedora live CD installer with no customizations or changes. It walks the user through configuration steps such as partitioning and setting up filesystems. It installs a standard system -- no package selection is offered." Doesn't sound very glowing, and is something we'll run into when F8 ships.


"No Vixta source code has been made available, but some on the forum suggested that since the distribution is based on Fedora core, whose source is readily available, it isn't necessary -- though this is not true <http://www.linux.com/articles/55285>."

Do we have someone that looks into cases like that?


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