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Re: Fw: increasing the reach of fedora-marketing

From: Leigh Cantrell Day
Rik van Riel wrote:
We should have started earlier on this but better late than never.
One thing to note is that none of us here are experts in marketing.
What I would really want is folks from Red Hat Marketing to guide us
and participate in our efforts so that we have more professional
eyes looking into this.
That I suspect could be a good use of time by people in
Red Hat's marketing department: teach the fedora-marketing
crowd "how to fish", so future collaboration goes smoother.

"how to fish" for PR/press blogs/industry analyst briefings is communications redhat com Just send us stuff that's coming up, news
to get out, perspectives, etc. & we'll make it happen on a global basis.

I believe we hoped for a little more: a few pointers about what kind of content to be sent at communications rh, topics, format, medium, length and so on.
We surely don't want to spam that address with useless messages.

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