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Re: [Fwd: Re: Get Fedora]

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Paul Stauffer wrote:
Are there any downsides to doing this from a marketing perspective that we
ought to consider?

There's an awful lot of choices on that screen. Adding another one will not help towards NOT overwhelming newcomers. If someone knows well enough that they want KDE over GNOME they are probably quite able to dig one screen down to get to KDE. Just something to consider.

Agreed, simplicity is the main reason I've been giving pushback on the websites list to the KDE spin listing. I'm a KDE user but for the "get Fedora" page and the Fedora landing page I really do think less is more.

The current link count is 32 for that page, I'd love to make that less which is why my other mockup just had (i386 x86_64 ppc).

wget -qO- http://mmcgrath.fedorapeople.org/2/get-fedora | grep -c href

We could get rid of multiple listings of Mirror List and "I don't know" which would bring that count down to 27.

(how about just GNOME on this screen but next to the spins link, have something like (including the KDE spin!) next to it?)

I'd kind of hesitate in favoring spins at this point. Especially since I think releng is not considering KDE a respin but an official one.... Having said that I believe they're still in the deciding process though a KDE live CD did ship with F8 test 3.


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