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Re: [Fwd: Re: Get Fedora]

David Nielsen wrote:
man, 29 10 2007 kl. 11:46 -0500, skrev Mike McGrath:
David Nielsen wrote:
man, 29 10 2007 kl. 09:10 -0500, skrev Mike McGrath:
David Nielsen wrote:
While I think this is some what like blackmail, you give us the options
of being biggots or opening a slippery slope - I mean we have XFce
users, enlightenment users, when they decide to get their own spin, do
we make those official as well. In that case where does it end.

GNOME only, I'm scared of the alternative as all official spins have to
undergo QA testing and we are short on staff as it is.
That's actually up to the QA team, and AFAIK the kde spin is blessed already and distributed by the mirrors. This is a pure marketing decision. Do we want it on the get fedora page or not.
So if we market both and the QA flatly just don't have time and manpower
to vet both, say the KDE spin has a horrible lot of problems does that
not reflect badly on all of Fedora. In effect the choice is vetting
everything (which we should do, sadly manpower, endless variantion and
so on makes this practically impossible especially as the number of
spins keep mounting) or blessing one spin then ensuring that at least
rocks hard. Personally I feel pretty damn confident about the state of
the GNOME spin, I've beaten it mercilessly for weeks without seeing
major issues.
This is not marketing's concern / burden to worry about. If they ship KDE to the mirrors, its a vetted official release and not a 'custom respin'.

You saying so does not a stable release make, if I am misinformed on
said point, could you start saying so more often as it would greatly
ease my work. A release does not become vetted because we bless it, a
release becomes vetted by testing.

Seperate but related concerns, I'm saying it's unwise to bless a release
without having assurance that it's properly vetted first. Saying we
could just dismiss QA is not serving the KDE spin or the image of Fedora
as a whole.

What I'm saying is the QA and releng teams do the testing / vetting. They decide what the official releases are to be and as of right now they have decided that the KDE spin is also an official release. As a marketing team it's our job to determine how best to get that information known and to the users without confusing them because, and lets be honest, if we put every possible Fedora available directly on the get-fedora page with explanations of each, it would be incredibly confusing to users.


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