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Re: [Fwd: Re: Get Fedora]

Mike McGrath wrote:
Boo for private votes, cheers for completely open votes.

Boo tenfold more for politically loaded votes. You don't walk into a room full of both GOP and Dems and ask one party to speak out against the other -- you'll get some people to do so, but many will be hesitant as it would negatively harm relations down the line. As someone else pointed out in the thread, KDE supporters will vote yes, GNOME supporters will likely not want to essentially say "$&@! KDE" and simply not vote, so you might as well put KDE up there without even asking for a vote.

What we really should be doing is defining what criteria must be met by a spin to get it linked from the main page, and use that to determine what spins should be placed there.

(Aside: I dislike that this is a political issue to begin with, but it is).

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