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Re: Associating the Red Hat and Fedora brands?

On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 11:26 PM, Greg DeKoenigsberg <gdk redhat com> wrote:

So I'm going to ask this question to you, the friendly Fedora marketing

But first, a history lesson:


This is pretty much the most accurate depiction of how the great brand
gulf between Fedora and Red Hat started.  And in many people's minds, that
gulf has grown to such an extent that many don't have any way of
associating Red Hat with Fedora *at all*.

So let me ask you:

If, in splash screens for Fedora, we put a tasteful "sponsored by Red Hat"
with the Shadowman logo somewhere small... how would you all feel about

I fully understand what Redhat has done, rather doing a lot to keep alive Fedora, but i am still confused why we need to mention Redhat's affiliation with Fedora through putting its logo or some complementary statements...?

while on the other hand we are trying for Fedora's NPO to put it independent project. For a layman prospective i d'nt get idea why a user should know about affiliation of a strong/big company to an open source project...in addition there is a lot in media/press about this affiliation, even in Fedora's history page already mentioned, we as Ambassadors do talk about it as well...

In my personal opinion i would rather wish to see Fedora a completely independent project in all aspects, rather known by its parent company.

from my side -1



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