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Re: Associating the Red Hat and Fedora brands?

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:

So I'm going to ask this question to you, the friendly Fedora marketing team.

But first, a history lesson:


This is pretty much the most accurate depiction of how the great brand gulf between Fedora and Red Hat started. And in many people's minds, that gulf has grown to such an extent that many don't have any way of associating Red Hat with Fedora *at all*.

So let me ask you:

If, in splash screens for Fedora, we put a tasteful "sponsored by Red Hat" with the Shadowman logo somewhere small... how would you all feel about that?

A bit of a odd thing going on here. I just suggested a very similar idea very recently in the list and two people quoted you to show why I shouldn't do this. Apparently now that you are for it, I guess it is ok.

Co-branding though is something completely different then putting a cute little Shadowman in some corner saying truthful things.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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