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Re: Associating the Red Hat and Fedora brands?

Am Dienstag, 1. April 2008 18:45:59 schrieb Karsten 'quaid' Wade:
> A quick discussion halt here.
> Joerg -- your reply was made to a related but *completely different
> discussion*.  Greg's comment you quoted refers to a policy, not a
> particular action.

Karsten, i answered direct to a Topic from Greg called 
"Associating the Red Hat and Fedora brands?"   
He asked for opinions and in my eyes this answer was related.  
I would love to explain it more eloquent, but i am not so skilled with the 
english language. Maybe some of my words are to straight - sorry for that.
First off all, as private Person i have a shadowman sticker on my notebook ;-)

I will try to explain my personal reasons, why this idea is supect for me.
I am not a Marketing Strategic Guy - i am a Fedora Ambassador and i love it, 
because there is - besides all the work - fun! 
From my perspective a mix with the RedHat Logo will complicate my work as 
Ambassador, and this is not fun! ;-)
Nothing against a little sponsored by RedHat - but is this just the  
beginning? Where will this end?
What when i want to use a Screenshot or a Artwork for a Poster that contain 
the RedHat Brand in Relation with Fedora?
In the past we Ambassadors in Europe had especially Problems to clarify that a 
non-RedHat Contributor is not allowed to use the RedHat Brand. And there was 
endless discussions about it.

We had a lot work to do in Europe to tell the people that the Fedoraproject is 
not a "RedHat-Fanboys use a RedHat produced Community Distribution"-Project!  

We had also different discussions with the german press, because their 
articles about Fedora started always with RedHat in the Headline - and that 
was the wrong exposure. On events i watched other Linux Projects and I always 
was proud that the FedoraProject was not so obvious dictated by a Company.
Some of this so-called Community Projects must pay for the booth - because the 
Sponsors noise was a little bit to loud. And we in Germany face this Problem 
also for Fedora. It is Fact , we all want serios evolution for the 
Fedoraproject and everyone in the Fedoraproject tries to improve and do 
his "Job" with the best that he can contribute.

Think over what would the Fedoraproject win and what would we lose.
I can only speak as one Ambassador who cover a lot of events, more loss then 
win, because i had not one of the visitors who contributed to Fedoraproject 
because i told him that we are sponsored by RedHat. They have to know that 
they can use the knowledge from the Fedora Project for their work with RedHat 
but that is something complete different. 
I hope my words offended nobody - this was not my intention.

I have only one voice but still -1 (the third) ;-) - 

J├Ârg Simon
jsimon fedoraproject org
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