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Re: Self-Introduction: MauRiZioTeX

Maurizio Tessarotto wrote:
Hi All,

I'm going to introduce myself: Maurizio Tessarotto, Padova, Italy.

I've a Engineering background studies, with a natural vocation and interesting in new product development.
So I'm going to take a Master degree in Economics and Marketing.

Ok, I can stop with this boring speeches on my studies...

I worked for 2 years in a Tourism&Travel firm as a Webmaster & SEO, in the Marketing Team. I was involved in internet marketing, website promotion, pay per click campaigns.

I'm working as consultant on many Italian banking and financial firms, helped them on their IT and organization issues (project & portfolio management, business analysis and so on...)

Ok, stop again! (these boring speeches about "work life"...) :D

I'm a Fedora user since Fedora Core 1 (awesome codename: Yarrow !), and once since Red Hat Linux 7.1

I can't use Fedora on my laptop at work, 'cause an MS Active Directory incompatibility issue: there's not a email client that integrate perfectly the Outlook Calendar function... Damn! And virtualization is too much heavy for my piece of junk (my laptop...).

My goals in the Fedora Project:

- introduce Fedora in the B2B side (I saw a lot of Suse, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, installed in firm's I'd worked for. Which are Fedora weakness in B2B market?)

      - pushing Fedora like: "usable for wife", in the B2C market

My management skills:
 - IT Project & Portfolio Management (experienced)
 - Marketing Strategies (wannabe, not too much experienced)

Welcome to Fedora marketing. Keep an eye on this list and help us if you find something you can contribute.


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