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Live CD Interview

Hi all,

In a slight change with the previous programme, the latest interview has
gone up on Red Hat Magazine! The reason for this is that they liked the
content and wanted to use it, plus it will increase our exposure. And
they've agreed to co-post it, so we hvae a copy on the wiki too for
posterities sake!

You may notice, however, that there's not a copy on the wiki as I was
having some issues with time outs and errors so I couldn't edit the
page. You may also notice that I'm not providing a digg link in this
e-mail either, because again luck seems to be against me today and digg
keeps dumping me to a fatal error!

If anybody wants to step up and help out with the promotion feel free to
do the job for me, as I'm going to leave it until the morning now since
I'm pretty sleepy tonight.
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/SpreadingNews will be your
friend :)

It's with Jeremy Katz about live cds, persistance and all those other
cool goodies. Oh, and the story link:


Best wishes, and good night to all!


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