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Summit: Linux Advances Into Enterprise, Seeks Better Fix For Bugs


If you want some stats on the scale of the Fedora 7 bugs Dave Jones is talking about, refer



"Bug reporting is a priority of the kernel developers. Responding to prompting by lead kernel integrator Linus Torvalds 3 years ago, they began worrying less about catching each bug and more about incorporating changes in each iteration of the kernel. Let the larger community help detect and correct bugs, was the thinking at the time, several developers said.

The practice ran into a response last year from Dave Jones at Red Hat, who said he feared the number of bugs in the 2.6.21 kernel was going to lead to problems as it became part of Red Hat's community Linux, Fedora. "I was incredibly nervous" about the shipping Fedora 7, he recounted yesterday, and in a blog on June 7 last year he acknowledged the reason he was nervous: "Looking at the first round of bugs that came in during the week after F7's release, it's pretty horrific." "


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