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Re: Fedora 9 Release Party Flyer Help

I have one small suggestion. and then an even smaller suggestion/comment. :)

1) after the word 'release' in that middle paragraph, i think you meant a comma to separate and not a period

now, for a very tiny, subjective comment that you can totally ignore if you want to: 2) perhaps we ditch the exclamation after release party in the very top title? there are two other exlamations in the flyer already (one after the tag line and then another one after contest), so i feel like the title one might could go. that way, it's the Fedora 9 Release Party (sort of the title of the event)
		and we're exclaiming the come join! part and the contest! part


Máirín Duffy wrote:
Jeffrey Tadlock wrote:
Pretty bad, isn't it?  So, show me what you can do.  Work up a flyer
that looks better than my attempt so Fedora can have a decent looking
Release Party announcement flyer - I set the bar pretty low!

What do you think?



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