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5 Reasons You'll Love Fedora 9

I had some spare time and a few requests to fulfill, so with the
slipped final release date of Fedora 9 I put together this short blog
post about Fedora 9 and why you'll love it.

I've tried to write it as blatant digg fodder, even making it a "x
reasons you'll love" post, and being very careful to point out all the
contributions made by Fedora developers upstream.


Read it there, and if you like it and think it does a good job for
marketing, digg it here:


I don't know if Matthias reads this list, but he was my motivation for
writing this as I didn't manage to get the interview about X RandR
support done in time, and with the Ubuntu release coming soon I wanted
to "claim credit" as he'd suggested in one form or another :)

Best wishes,


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