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Re: Offer to help editors?

>  You go.  This is brilliant stuff.

People might be interested in the following list of possible contacts
at various publications - I saw something posted about this sort of
thing recently? It's by no means comprehensive, but it's a start and
covers some of the bigger ones I think:


Linux World, www.linuxworld.com, Don Marti - dmarti linuxworld com
Desktop Linux, www.desktoplinux.com, desktoplinux ziffdavisenterprise com
Linux Today/Jupiter Media, www.linuxtoday.com, marketing jupitermedia com
NewsForge/Linux.com, www.newsforge.com/www.linux.com, editors linux com
Linux Weekly News, www.lwn.net, lwn lwn net
Linux Format, www.linuxformat.co.uk, Paul Hudson - paul hudson futurenet co uk
Linux Journal, www.linuxjournal.com, Jill Franklin - jill linuxjournal com
Linux Magazine, www.linux-mag.com, Joe Brockmeier - jbrockmeier linux-mag com
Linux +, www.lpmagazine.org, karolina lesinska lpmagazine org
Linux User and Developer, www.linuxuser.co.uk, Maggie Meer -
maggie linuxuser co uk
Distrowatch, www.distrowatch.com, Ladislav Bodnar - distro distrowatch com


Best wishes,


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