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Fedora 9 Preview Review



"One new feature that I am excited about is the LiveUSB with persistant data. While the ability to create a LiveUSB stick from the LiveCD media has been a feature of Fedora for a while, the ability to have persitant data is new. For more info on that, see the interview with Jeremy Katz in Red Hat Magazine. I originally thought that the persistant data feature was only for user data but as it turns out it applies to the complete system... so not only can you store your documents... but you can also install updates, new applications, create accounts, and save settings. There is nothing special you have to do... it works just like a hard drive would."

"This is the first release of FreeIPA so it currently isn't feature complete but they do have a roadmap. This sounds a lot like a Linux alterative to Microsoft's Active Directory although it is NOT trying to be a clone of Active Directory. As you would expect it is powered by a number of server applications including Fedora Directory Server"


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