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Re: Offer to help editors?

>  So, specifically on the topic of contacts at various magazines -- it's
> great that we're developing that list, because it can be compared to the
> lists of contacts that other folks in Red Hat already have, and is helpful
> to both of us.

Well, one thing that I'd love to see done on this front is if we could
get Red Hat's internal list added to the list that we've been
building? I realise this is work for someone, and if needed I'd be
happy to do the leg work on it as I think it's something that's

>  Everyone needs to remember that doing "open marketing" like this, in which
> we actually communicate and work transparently with members of Red Hat's PR
> team, is a very unique way of doing business, even in the world of open
> source companies.
>  Folks like me and Greg have always worked closely with RH's PR team, but
> now we're trying to bring more and more of that work to this list. Let's all
> continue to be patient with each other, work together, etc.

Patience is no problem :) Just trying to make sure we keep heading
down the best path for us!

The other thing that troubles me a little bit is that communication
between us is not always what it could be. I'm sure these are teething
problems, as like you say, this is a unique way of working and
something we're all going to have to work and experiment with to get
the best out of ourselves.

A particular example is that where I've gone and reached out to
editors at various sites and magazines, it might have been good to
have some more feedback about where contacts already exist, have
introductions made by current acquaintances, or saved a few editors an
extra e-mail to read that they might not necessarily of needed.

Well, those are my thoughts anyway, I don't know what the proper way
to do things is in the marketing world - heck I'm a Theology
undergrad, I don't have much of a clue about many things :p
>  We're doing a good job, but we have to remember that it's kind of new for
> everyone.
>  Thanks to everyone for all your hard work.

+1. I really do appreciate the work that everyone does, and I'm
enjoying working with you all in whatever context we do it :)

Best wishes all,


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