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Re: Offer to help editors?

On Wed, 23 Apr 2008, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Without a solid understanding of the governance model of Fedora, how Red Hat has participating historically and how this is changing over a period of time, the higher relevance of this announcement might just be lost.

So this is a good example for all of us to talk around.

Fedora has an announcement to make that is somewhat newsworthy.

It's certainly an announcement that should come from the Fedora Project Leader, and fedora-announce-list is the obvious place to make it.

Paul did a good job of providing some context for what the announcement means in his email.

Fedora Planet is also a good place for other Fedora folks to add commentary to the announcement, etc.

If a media person decides to pick it up and write a little article about it, we can't force them to ping us for more information, but we can give them as much context as possible.

We know that media folks watch fedora-announce-list and fedora-devel-announce.

I think we could also be well served by thinking about our "Press Page" on the Fedora wiki.

Sort of a page that says "are you trying to write an article about Fedora? Here's some useful resources:"

1) fedora-announce-list and fedora-devel-announce
2) Fedora Weekly News
3) Fedora Planet
4) press fedoraproject org for interview requests, etc.


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