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Re: Publications list

Paul W. Frields wrote:
Russell Harrison really fleshed out this page on our wiki:
Kara, this might be of great interest to you in the upcoming Fedora 9
press push.  You probably know people at some of these outlets.  If
you'd like to add contacts there or to the matching page at:
...or transcribe a list here, we can get them added for you.  Either way
we should say a big "AWESOME JOB" to Russell for completing that task.

Hi guys,

We're trying to do the same here in Italy by contacting online/offline media and working with them to have great articles ready by the 13th. All the work we're doing is available in our mailing list (fedora-it); I'll try to keep all of you updated in my english blog just opened [1] that will be soon syndicated in Fedora Planet.

[1] http://www.techtemple.org/blog/


Gianluca Varisco, RHCE
Intern - Web Engineering, Red Hat Italia
Tel.: +39  02 5681 4487
Fax : +39  02 669 3111
Cel.: +39 333 574 0934

Via Antonio Da Recanate 1
20124 Milano

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