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Re: Examples of what "fedora thing" can do :)

2008/4/28 Valent Turkovic <valent turkovic gmail com>:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=315171
>  Hi,
>  as suggested in the last comment I'm mailing here.
>  So what do you believe is the best way to present the features of
>  Fedora Desktop? What are they?

For this, it might be fun to link it in with the talking points that
are decided on for each release, although it might mean more work as
the content would need to change for every release!

Check out this page for F9 talking points:


> How would you present them? Would you
>  make a video or audio showing or explaining the use of some features
>  and applications, or would you just put some files that are from that
>  application so that users see for them self what can be done with
>  different applications? Something completely different?

I think a combination. IMHO nothing is as good as showing people what
can be done with the software, after all, people want to use the tools
to do their work and create cool things :) Of course, videos also go
down a treat on the net as they're so easily digestable for a lot of
people, and this has apparently been set as a task at recent mktg
meetings, see:


>  Please share your ideas...

Either way, I think it's an awesome idea and I wish you all the best
with it :) If you'd like any help let us know and I'll do the best I

Best wishes,


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