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Re: Fedora and "Red Hat Enterprise Linux"

I would take a much lighter approach. Keep in mind that journalists have a lot on their plates, often 'acquiring' new beats and keeping track of many companies and many technologies. You can't expect them to always be subject matter experts. Also, we will want to go back to this journalist. Maintaining a positive, mutually respectful relationship is key.

Suggestions, inline.  Take 'em or leave 'em.


I just read this article and was disappointed to discover that you
seem to have severely mis-represented the Fedora Project.

Replace with, "Just wanted to introduce myself and my role/connection with Fedora..." and then an offer to talk personally about Fedora and this article in particular. No journalist wants to hear that they've 'severely misrepresented' anything.

 If I can
take a few moments of your time, I'd like to advise you of the
specific points in the story where you've been mistaken,

replace mistaken w/ inaccurate, take out 'you've' as this makes it too personal.

and also to
invite you to start a dialogue with the Fedora Project by contacting
us on press AT fedoraproject DOT   org to avoid making the same in the

"...Red Hat has a preview of an upcoming Fedora Development release,
Version 9..."

Firstly, Fedora is not a Red Hat product but a community maintained
distribution of which the majority of packages (over 60%) are
maintained by non-Red Hat employees.

Change to, "Although Fedora is a project sponsored by Red Hat, I would like to clarify that it is a community maintained distribution..."

 Secondly, Fedora is not a
development release in anyway, but a stable system that showcases the
latest free and open source software.

Change to, "As you know, Fedora includes the most innovative technologies. However it's not actually a development release, we take great care in testing, many eyes of the community, etc. etc. etc..."

 It's true to say, on the other
hand, that Fedora is an innovative distribution that leads the way in
the adoption and development of a lot of new technologies, feeding
back all improvements and changes we make up-stream for the benefit of

"Fedora 8 is the currently available development release, which got
underway in April 2007 and which was launched last November. A lot of
the code that was hammered out in that Fedora 8 development release is
winding its way toward Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2"

Again, any final release of Fedora such as version 8 is not a
development release. A lot of the code from that release is making
it's way into RHEL 5.2, but you know what else, it's making it's way
into all other GNU/Linux distributions too including Ubuntu, Debian
and openSUSE. This is because we push our developments to the upstream
communities, which other distributions then base their own work

"Remember, the Fedora 9 preview is just that--a preview--and is not
even to be considered beta code yet and hence is not appropriate for
anything close to production environments."

I feel like I'm repeating myself,


but Fedora 9 will not be a
development release, and you're mis-representing the facts by
suggesting that the preview release is not even to be considered beta


The preview release is very close to what the final release
will be, and is where a huge number of bugs will be squashed to make
sure that the final release is on a par in terms of stability as well
as features with any other distribution.

Add: "I, along with others on the Fedora team, look forward to working with you on future stories. Would love to set up a call with you to discuss this particular piece. We are having FUDCon during the Summit in June, would be great for you to come see a microcosm of the community in action."


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