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Re: Fedora and "Red Hat Enterprise Linux"

OK all, firstly, I'd like to say I'm slightly embarrassed - I always
like to think that I'm polite and positive in what I say and certainly
on this occasion that's not been the case! So, yeah, firstly apologies
for what I said previously... like people said, the points were valid
but the tone certainly wasn't.

Secondly, whether or not this gets used (I'm uncertain of the
preferred direction following the comments so far in this thread),
here is a re-worked version - as always more comments and feedback is
welcome :)


Hi there,

I was just sending a quick note to you as I was slightly disappointed
when I read your article. Mostly, I just wanted to let you know that
the Fedora Project isn't a development release for Red Hat Enterprise
Linux, but rather a mature and stable distribution in it's own right,
which aims to promote the latest and greatest in free and open source

One of our proudest points as a community of contributors is that we
help drive innovation in free and open source software by ensuring all
the exciting work we do each release is quickly fed upstream, allowing
all to benefit from it. It's because of this that a lot of our code
ends up in RHEL, and also in the majority of the major distributions
such as Ubuntu, Debian and oepnSUSE.

Another point that we take significant pride in is that the majority
of the packages that make up the distribution (over 60%) are
maintained by non-Red Hat members. Interestingly, it's been recently
decided that the governance of Fedora would change from there being a
majority of people on the board appointed by Red Hat, to a majority of
people being elected by the community.

I hope these points might be of interest to you, and would love to
invite you to start a dialogue with the project so that in the future
we can work together to make your life a little easier :) Feel free to
send an e-mail to press AT fedoraproject  DOT    org anytime, and
someone will be more than happy to help.

Best wishes,


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