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Re: Release Overview

Rahul Sundaram said the following on 04/19/2008 08:47 AM Pacific Time:
Jonathan Roberts wrote:

We should probably start working on this soon to make sure it's in
good shape for the final release?

I think the work already done on the beta release notes is a great
foundation, it probably just needs tidying up a bit and updating here
and there.

Is this going in the SSS?

A while back, I added a note to the release notes overview and a link to


We should probably highlight the major new features here. I would reuse a lot of your recent blog post but also expand on the many other features in the last para a bit more. That would a pretty good release summary. Highlight the USP's first but also any new improvement gets a place in there too.


Is anyone going to update http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/9/ReleaseSummary ?

I just came across it while stubbing out some pages for Fedora 10 and it hasn't been touched since November 2007.

If we decide not to use it I think it should be deleted so it is not a distraction.


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