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Re: Examples of what "fedora thing" can do :)

2008/4/29 Rashadul Islam <irashadul gmail com>:
> - Prepare some differences between Fedora 9 and UBUNTU or REDHAT Enterprise
> edition. It really helps.

Let me strongly suggest that making a detailed side by side
comparisons with any other distribution is NOT something fedora as a
project or its representative should be doing.  Its an activity that
comes with strong inherent biases and it will be very difficult to
make a fair comparison where the person putting together the material
has not been influenced by the differing degrees of experience with
each distribution.  If we do it in a way that looks like its an
official Fedora project presentation..a person's intimate knowledge of
Fedora and relatively poor knowledge of other distributions can come
off as biased propaganda meant to sully the work of others. Avoid
doing it.  Comparisons such as this are best left to 3rd parties.

Avoid setting up a presentation that attempts to measure a specific
Fedora release relative to any other distribution's specific release.
Prepare the materials based on the inherent characteristics of Fedora
and relative changes from previous Fedora releases.  If you must
answer questions like "What's different between Fedora and this other
distribution" then focus on the Fedora Project's goal to drive open
innovation that benefits all linux users regardless of distribution by
working as closely with upstream projects as possible.  A very
informed Fedora enthusiast will have a hard time making equally
informed statements about distributions which are not closely aligned
with Fedora ecosystem.

-jef"Don't get be a Fedora fanboy. Be an upstream project development

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