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Anand Capur anandcomputerphreak at
Mon Feb 18 21:40:58 UTC 2008

> Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> >
> > Oh and another point: part of my goals with free me was to make it
> > workable without even having to boot the live disc, so I made sure all
> > the content was accessed from a folder in the root of the disc which
> > was pointed at by a sym link. I think this is definitely worth doing,
> > and maybe an autorun for windows users to fire up a browser with some
> > more info? OpenCD style...
> Not sure how to do that. Someone with more familiarity on Windows would
> have to give me info.

root of cd create file
inside file put
that should be all! (Test it first ;) ) that command is only compatible with
windows 2000 or higher computers
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