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Re: Fedora Studios Spin?

Francesco Ugolini wrote:
I read some time ago that there is an Art spin planned. Why don't add
movie tools and name it Fedora Studio Spin?  There are a lot of
hobbyists that are in search of a free studio suite for their own
videos and """films""", it could be a reason to chose fedora instead
of commercial alternatives that many can't legally afford.

On this list Colby expressed his interest in such a spin containing a video editor:

However, the tools are not ready yet: Kino can't open Ogg Theora, PiTiVi can't do anything useful, Cinelerra makes full use of proprietary codecs and so on.

Do not forget the potential legal troubles around such a spin: it would have to handle out of the box all the tasks using free codecs, which may not be what the users expect (you would not be legally able to master a DVD with it).

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