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Re: Free Me Too

Russell Harrison wrote:

A couple of thoughts up front.

Is there any legal exposure if we use tools with potential patent
problems to convert content even if they aren't distributed on the
DVD?  h.264 comes to mind as an example.  The tools are available in
the livna repos but not in the default repos.

IANAL but if you are in a region that enforce software patents, you should consider the implications carefully and I can't offer legal advise on that. If you have content in patent encumbered codecs, feel free to point them to me and I will take care of the conversion.

Should all of the content on the DVD be licensed under free licenses
such as Creative Commons, or is it acceptable for the Copyrite holder
to release the content for distribution with the DVD.  The obvious
drawback there would be that people receiving the DVD wouldn't be able
to reuse the content.

I want openly licensed content and not something specific to the DVD image I put out. The ability to redistribute content as a criteria is not negotiable. I am ok with some of the content having non-commercial restrictions though I would prefer not.


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