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Wed Feb 20 08:40:53 UTC 2008

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Date: 19 Feb 2008 20:02
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Sending to you instead of list because I'm not 100% sure I understood
what the question was having not followed the news list. :-)

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> I had a little look at word press and it seems like it fulfills most
> of the goals listed in the ticket, but take a look below for my
> detailed thoughts.
We use Lyceum, a fork of WordPress, very negligibly different, for Red
Hat Magazine, the press blog, and several others.

>> I've just taken a quick glance at wordpress and it looks like it will
>> more than likely do the job, two points that I'm not so sure about
>> though:
>> * seperate rss feed for upcoming events
I'm not entirely sure what you're asking with this one. If the question
is whether you can have the main feed plus a separate feed for something
specific, then yes. You can easily grab the feed of a single category.
Just tag those posts "events."

>> * allowing anyone to submit a story for editors approval
I *believe* if you wanted them to actually put it in the blog system,
they would have to register as a user. IMO, it might be more logical to
have them emailed to editors.


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