Fedora and the art of creating an inclusive community

Caroline Kazmierski ckazmier at redhat.com
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Fedora and the art of creating an inclusive community
CNET.com-The Open Road
Matt Asay

Earlier this year Fedora got a new community project leader. In February 
2008 Paul Frields replaced Max Spevack 
bringing a different perspective to Fedora's community management. Paul, 
you see, is not a developer. Nor is he based in Raleigh (Red Hat's 
headquarters). His background with Fedora has been mostly on the 
documentation side, and he's been working remotely.

This gives Paul an interesting perspective on Fedora and its community, 
and how Fedora connects with Red Hat.

I spent a half-hour with Paul today and probed into Fedora and the art 
of community, as well as some of the innovations in the pipe for Fedora 9.


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