Fedora Store SIG Update

Jeffrey Tadlock linux at elfshadow.net
Thu Feb 21 02:58:34 UTC 2008

Just another brief update with what has been happening with the Fedora
Store SIG.  The meeting was canceled today due to the lack of
attendance, but that hasn't stopped us from moving forward a little

This past week I placed an order from cafepress.com, I ordered a
T-shirt and a coffee mug.  The shipping was relatively quick, even
after choosing the economy option.  I received the T-shirt and coffee
mug today.  The mug looked okay, the colors seemed decent - should be
good for the office!  The T-shirt was of good quality material wise,
but the printing left a lot to be desired.  I purposely ordered the
t-shirt in a similar design to one I have had screen printed for a
local show.  The color of the logo was just not where it should be,
the background to the logo was more like a dark blue-ish grey.  In
addition the front logo was just a touch crooked and smudged towards
the upper right hand corner.

I have posted pictures, comparing the cafepress.com shirt to the
screen printed shirt here:


Another item I could use help on is with a mockup of the store web
page.  I have had a couple of nibbles on this from some folks, but I
am still looking for a rough mockup at this point to put a picture to
this idea.  We have a general requirements page posted here to help
give some base guidelines as to what we would like to see:


And finally, we are going to put a deadline on the pros and cons page
for various distributors.  If you have any pros and cons to mention, a
new distributor to consider - please add them to the wiki by next
Wednesday, February 27th.

If you have any questions regarding the Store SIG, feel free to post
to the list or catch me on IRC.


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