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Re: trademark protectin (was Re: Logo War: Red Hat Takes On DataPortability)

On Fri, 22 Feb 2008, Tony Guntharp wrote:

Well put...and I do understand the need for Red Hat, Inc. to protect
its trademark. I guess the issue I have with it all were the methods

Me too.

The DP group (of which I am a member) is an loosely formed community with a purpose very similiar in vein to Open Source/Free Software. The key thing to note is that this isn't a commercial entity. You can read more about the goals and objectives here: http://www.dataportability.org/

A C&D letter should have been sent out as a last resort instead of being the first salvo. By this being the first shot across the bow it only allows for escalation to the court system. If the DP group had been approached sooner by someone from within Red Hat then I think the issue would have still been resolved in the same manner w/o Red Hat looking like the bad guy.


You are obviously correct. Sometimes the left hand acts without knowing what the right hand is doing. We're working on an answer to the problem right now, preferably before it hits Slashdot. :)


Greg DeKoenigsberg
Community Development Manager
Red Hat, Inc. :: 1-919-754-4255
"To whomsoever much hath been given...
...from him much shall be asked"

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