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Re: ubuntu marketing

On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 10:48 PM, Jonathan Roberts
<jonathan roberts uk googlemail com> wrote:
> >  Okay. And you actually belive that people won't install this just the
>  >  same but will be "pissed" that it is not easy to do it but they need
>  >  to "jump through hoops" and there are legal ways to do this. Plus we
>  >  have selinux on by default to protect from badly behaving programs -
>  >  closed source and open source alike. Other distributions don't have
>  >  selinux installed so that is an extra layer of protection for security
>  >  of fedora users...
>  >
>  >  Plus if you look at reviews of linux distributions most of them have a
>  >  category "How easy is it to go to youtube and watch videos" because
>  >  that is what desktop users do and expect from any desktop.
>  The question you should be asking is: is this Fedora's target audience?!
>  Fedora intends to provide a FREE system that show cases the latest and
>  greatest in FREE software. Providing proprietary software is clearly
>  not in line with this mission and so Fedora isn't going to do this.
>  After all, we'd rather change the world than go along with it :)
>  Now perhaps, unless you think you can come up with a better way to
>  make Fedora's mission clear to everyone else, or I've been entirely
>  mistaken, perhaps we could end this thread?
>  Best,
>  Jon

You are not making sense to me because  fluendo codecs are also not
free as in speech and also not free as in beer (except mp3 codec) and
we still "support" them. Why not give the same level of support to
flash which. Fedora is not made any less free by leting people use the
tools then need for their desktop.

You are implying that most of the fedora users aren't using flash from
adobe on their desktops. Please go and talk to people and you will see
that you are wrong. I don't have hard evidence but I would bet that
most of fedora users have installed flash player from adobe, but just
don't have a easy way of doing it...

This idea about a script is not that radical. You tell why running
closed souce players is bad, as we currently do with explaining why
non open codecs are bad with codeina, and then IF users decide setup a
yum repository from adobe.


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