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re: Ubuntu Marketing ( on the Fedora Marketing List ? )


I am a little confused here, since I read also the Ubuntu Marketing
Mailing List. However it seems to me some people here want to restrict
my freedom to use propriety software if I choose to do so. 

Personally I could care less about watching movies and listening to
music on my computer, since I own a TV and a Stereo. But on of my
clients wanted to know if he can play an MP3 on a Linux System.

When I went of to the Fedora Machine in my office to play the MP3, it
gave me the rant of about free software and then pointed me to the
propriety codecs and I downloaded the on that didn't cost anything.

That's the way it should work if you want people to use Linux over
Windows. Skip the load of pseudo-political jive nobody gives a damn
about and  just make things to work. 

If people want to use propriety software, give them the freedom to do so
with a minimum amount of hassle. There are "Totally" free Linux distros
(e.g. gNewSense) and they don't work on a lot of hardware, these are not
going to sell Linux to the masses. 

Remember Software Freedom includes the freedom to charge people money.
Telling them they can't do something for any reason is not freedom, but
then again this is a global list and I don't really know with whom I am

Thank You

Cocoa Beach, Florida USA

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