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Re: Ubuntu Marketing ( on the Fedora Marketing List ? )

On Sat, Feb 23, 2008 at 7:11 AM, Mike Feravolo
<321 784 5553 earthlink net> wrote:
 >   However it seems to me some people here want to restrict
>  my freedom to use propriety software if I choose to do so.

Fedora is not preventing you from installing a proprietary driver if
that is what you want to do.

>  That's the way it should work if you want people to use Linux over
>  Windows. Skip the load of pseudo-political jive nobody gives a damn
>  about and  just make things to work.

Apparently a lot of people care about this issue or Fedora wouldn't
have as many contributors as it does.

>  Telling them they can't do something for any reason is not freedom,

Again, Fedora is not preventing or telling you that you *can't* do
something.  We do try to make people aware of the issues and why we do
not support or direct people to proprietary drivers.


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