Mktg Meeting 2/28 recap, and next meeting

Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at
Thu Feb 28 22:01:54 UTC 2008

Thanks to John Babich for sending out the full IRC transcript.

The simple recap, for folks who don't want to read the whole IRC log:

John Adams, of the Red Hat Brand team, has provided us with a template 
of what a full Marketing Plan looks like.  That templates lives on the 
Fedora wiki:

We've dramatically simplified our task list to focus on fleshing out a 
full marketing plan for Fedora based on this skeleton.  The task list, 
with owners, can be found here:

Over the next week, the owners of key sections of this Marketing Plan will 
be asking questions, making proposals, and filling this plan in, bit by 

If someone asks a question of you on-list -- like "I think that our target 
audience for press releases should be X, Y, and Z" -- PLEASE RESPOND. 
You're on this mailing list because you care about the marketing of 
Fedora, so please take this opportunity to express your opinions.  You 
folks *are* Fedora.  We need to hear you.

Next week we will convene on IRC once again to see what progress we've 
made.  Details:

Time:	Thursday, March 6, 2000 GMT/UTC (3pm Eastern US)
IRC:, #fedora-mktg

Thanks to all of today's participants.  It's been a while since I led an 
IRC meeting, and this one was extremely worthwhile.  Let's keep the 
momentum going.


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